I had written a couple of articles over the past week and I just felt one of them will grace the pages of my blog this week but as I thought about today, I felt the need to write something fresh.

We’ve all read and heard so much on how to give your best to make a relationship work…good stuff I must agree. However, what I want to talk about today is a tad different from that.

Human wants are insatiable and both men and women have pictures on what they want in a relationship.

In relationships, a lot of us give a 110% with the hope that we’ll receive a “good measure in return”, sometimes that never happens. Instead, you are fed back with something that “shakes” you up and to say the worst, sometimes you get “run-over” by the very person you did your best to please.

Recently, a friend told me of how his lady said she felt incomplete in their relationship,despite the fact that he had put in his all to please her. She still wasn’t happy and gradually she started drifting away giving excuses about distance and financial issues. He confessed to me that he was in love with her but it hurt to hear that his best wasn’t good enough to satisfy her.

Just like my friend, there are so many people who feel like no matter what, they are just not good enough. If after doing all the nice little things you can, you are still unable to make your partner happy then I think something is up. In my opinion there are 2 things involved;
Its either you are already in some sort of competition to win his/her heart in which the other person is already winning OR its just not meant to be, because no matter how hard you try “Akamu and Ewedu” can never go well together.
Instead of sulking and engaging in self pity,what do you do?
God has made each and every individual unique in their own way and no-one is perfect.
Do your best while you are still given the chance to, hopefully they might see it but if not…don’t blame yourself for it.

It might not be that something is wrong with you, it might just be that the relationship wasn’t even meant to be.
In such situations, its hard to accept reality but if you don’t pick yourself up when you are knocked down,you’ll definitely remain on the ground.

If its meant to be,they will realize your worth just in time but if not, you will meet the one who loves you for you, deserves your love and will appreciate the good in your goodie bag.

Let’s learn to let go and Let God.
He alone has all the answers we seek.

Have an amazing week.



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