Let’s Hear You: Mr. & Mrs. RIGHT.

“There’s a difference between what we look for, what we settle for and what we are meant for”.

Some readers sent me e-mails saying most of my articles have been a little too serious recently, so let’s talk about something a little fun this week.
I was privileged to go into the clothing business at some point in my life, asides the fact that I had to work with guys almost everyday, I learnt so many things from them.

On this fateful day, we had just finished a mass production of tee-shirts for an event,hungry and tired from not getting enough sleep at night,we decided to have brunch. While having brunch,the most exciting part of our work started, “discussion time”.
The food led to our discussion and before long, each guy started listing out qualities he thinks his “Mrs. RIGHT” must possess. They listed on and on and on, while I sat there, listening and watching their expressions with tears in my eyes from too much laughter.
At the end of the discussion, I was able to pick out the Highest Common Factors (HCF) from each guy’s list.
The following made the HCF:

Beautiful (inside and out);
Fun to be with;
Must have some junk in the trunk
Must be able to make it happen in the bedroom and kitchen (very important).

The above qualities were present in the list of 8 different guys.

Another day,while at a friend’s birthday lunch, I started the same discussion with my female friends.
You should know the usual with ladies *winks*. “Mr. RIGHT” must be: Tall, Dark, Handsome, God-fearing, well toned muscles, great career….the list is endless.

From the two scenarios, it’s obvious both sexes (male&female) have pictures of the ideal lover in their heads. The kind of fantasy criterion put into our brains,thanks to Hollywood and Harlequin novels.

I don’t know if anyone else will agree with me on this, but I’ve come to discover that the cards don’t always turn in our favour. We spend so much time painting pictures of how our Mr/Mrs Right must look like and sometimes we lose sight of what we really need, while looking out for what we want. At the end of the day, we will discover that those standards or the so-called criteria we held on to,are very amendable.

Now my question is, those people who ended up getting married to people who are not actually prototypes of the “criteria” they set as singles;
Does that mean they have settled for less?
Or is it that when time flies and desperation sets in, people just go for “any one wey come I don dey old?”

What are your thoughts on this? In my opinion, I’ll say our own plans are very different from what God has prepared for us.

“A man plans his way but the Lord directs his steps” Proverbs 16:9 NKJV

A friend of mine always says, “there’s a difference between what we look for, what we settle for and what we are meant for”.

Dear esteemed reader, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think they settled for less? Is it time and desperation that changes the criterion? Or do you think it’s love that changes it all?
Let’s hear you, read the post, share the post and drop your comments…you might touch a life by your comments. Y’heard?

Have a great week ahead.

This article was written by Toluwalope L’queen Lemikan.
Tolu is a writer, with passion for the subject “love”, she is a freelance writer on relationships for some other blogs and magazines.
Follow her on twitter: @lqueeen


4 thoughts on “Let’s Hear You: Mr. & Mrs. RIGHT.

  1. ayuzeKable

    Dis is an interesting write up!Love is a funny thing…U don’t quite knw when u fall into it.Yes,its true that err1 has a dream girl/guy.This may or in some cases,may NOT come true 4 sm pple.For those in d latter class,they’ll eida hav to settle for less,jus go for any1 ‘cos of time,or,and in most cases,end up falling in love with sm1 prolly opposite of their original ideal human!its true that what we look for is different 4rm what we want,bt not 4rm wat we’re meant for.U can find love anywhere in d world.We hav NO SOUL MATE. #GBAM!!!

  2. Eyitayo Ogunyemi

    We cannot underestimate our dreams and desires, but the reality is usually determined by a force greater than us which is “God”, or otherwise our own negligence… Inorder words, that’s not to say that every married person married right afterall! Brilliant piece dear, Keep it up!

  3. taofieec

    Its funny how we let our fantacies get to us in reality, in reality we have factors that bind our views wants and needs, there is the fear of God ( which many of us have thrown in to gutter), there is Lust (which we now call Love or love @ 1st sight as some will call it), there is educational background, there is money and there is Flaunting!, looking at these factors, we will find out that the MOST IMPORTANT one which is d fear of God is d one we DON’T even look @ atall, y? Because it gets rid of the rest! How? If we have d fear of God then we will only want what he has for us, but we know is what we Lust after that we present to Him for Him to say ok to. And it can NEVA work! We want some one that is intelligent, someone who as we say can take good care of us (in the kitchen, bedroom, and in public( show off)), @ d end of the day wen our lustful desires are not forth coming or the have backfired we now tend to go for any available one (for d ladies) n for the guys we try to get all d money so that d money will then attract who we lustfully want and at d end of the day, the adventure helps us forget about the MOST important fact (d fear of GOD). I don’t think I need to say more cos deep down we all know d truth but no one wants to admit it *wink* d dis will lead us to a lot of heartbrakes, and I think u know d most sure one…. End of time….. *wink* Finally the FEAR of GOD is all we need, and there is only one way to Him……


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