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#WriterSpotlight – “I think it’s important for us as writers to risk ridicule and bring truth to life.” Tolu Oluwaseyi-Daniel


unnamed (2)Hey Sparkle Writers! It’s time for another #WriterSpotlight. Today we have Tolu Oluwaseyi-Daniel, popularly known as L’Queen. She is an author and blogger and she has some great advice for writers who want to publish books and write stories.

We can’t wait for you to dig in!

Hello, Tolu. Can you please describe yourself in a few words?

Hi, my name is Tolu Oluwaseyi-Daniel, also known as L’Queen. I’m a purpose driven person who loves to be a source of joy and motivation to others. I am a writer, blogger and public speaker.

At what point did you discover that you had a passion for writing and why did you decide to pursue this passion?

I fully discovered my love for writing in 2012, when I started my blog LQUEENWRITES.COM. Although before then I knew it was something I had a flair for. I’d always been inspired by books, every…

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Yaaay!!! Its bye bye to 2012 already! God has been faithful and we all are grateful.
Just like that, 2012 is gone. Never again will there be another 2012. Thank God the world did not end on the 21st oh…LOL. Abeg me I still want to achieve my life goals, get married and give birth to my pikin dem *covers face*
Hmmmnn from January to December, things have happened oh! I know we all have different stories to tell. As for me, if I am to describe my 2012, I would simply say it was a year of pleasure and pain. But all in all, I came out strong.
Lets talk about the gains/losses of 2012. Some people found true love this year, so many got married this year, some had babies this year, some got their dream jobs this year, some graduated this year and so much more.
Same way, some had terrible heartbreaks this year, some lost a dear one this year, some went through life-threatening illnesses this year, some broke hearts this year. Many different things have happened to each and every one of us in the course of the year 2012.
With each experience, we have learnt lessons. They say, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. I strongly agree. ‘With each tear, there’s a lesson, it makes you wiser than before, makes you stronger than you know…’Na so Mary J Blige talk am. The beauty of making mistakes is our ability to learn from them and for others to also learn from them.
While we are counting our blessings, looking back at the last 365 days and all God has done for us,it is also pertinent for us to reflect on our mistakes. Let us do a little soul searching, reflect on the highs and lows of 2012. It is also important to make reconciliations. If you have hurt someone in anyway this year, I implore you to make amends. If someone has hurt you this year, please try and let it go. Its not the easiest thing to do but trust me, you don’t need that kind of baggage or let me call it gabbage in 2013. Leave the BS in 2012. To those who made mistakes in 2012, try and note them in order to avoid a repeat episode of such mistakes in the future.
To those who found love in 2012, I wish you the best of love. Keep loving like it’s the first day. Trust me, it takes courage to really love someone, so do it right.
To those who lost love, believe that all things happen for a reason. The loss of a relationship can be a traumatic experience but no matter what has happened, the only hope of a healthy future relationship is to let go of the past. The best is on the way.
To those who got married, keep the love in your hearts and don’t you ever take things for granted. You need to give your all since you’ve said the two powerful words ‘I DO’.
To those who are single, don’t feel unhappy because of that. Enjoy every bit of your alone time. Who knows? 2013 might bring you ‘THE ONE’ *winks*. Keep hope alive.
All in all, I wish you all the very best of LOVE in 2013.
We’ll all be here at the end of 2013 by God’s grace.
Odun tuntun yi asan wa si ire ati ayo o…Amin

This article was written by Tolulope L’queen Lemikan.
Tolu is a writer, with passion for the subject “LOVE”, she is a freelance writer on relationships for some other blogs and magazines.
Follow her on twitter: @lqueeen


Music and the Memories

Music and the Memories

“ Every song has a memory;every song has the ability to make or break your heart, shut down the heart and open the eyes”. – Andy Warhol

Music, as we all know, are sounds that are arranged in a way that is pleasing to listen to. However, these days not all songs are pleasant to the hearing…LOL
Personally, music to me is beyond the sonorous voice, the beats and the lyrics. I see music as an escape, a mode of transporation,something that takes me out of my present situation at different points in my life.

In my secondary/Uni days I was so obsessed with music, not like I’m no longer obsessed with it, I just feel its effect on me has reduced a little. For me, its RNB and Gospel slows anyday, anytime. My current music obsessions are Frank Ocean’s ‘thinking about you’, Sean Paul’s ‘how deep is your love’ ft. Kelly Rowland, Banky W’s ‘Yes/No’ and ‘Sweet Jesus’ by J. Moss.

Music means a lot of things to different people. Some people say when they listen to Dj Khaled’s ‘All I do is win’, they just get inspired to be the best and it gives them the needed ‘push’ to strive for success.

When it comes to relationships, music does so many things. It can bring back memories, help heal a broken heart and can also inspire you to be a better lover. There’s a saying that, ‘behind every girl’s favourite song, there’s an untold story’. I can relate to that

A friend of mine told me, that almost all Celine Dion songs bring back memories of her first love. As at the time she was with her first love, Celine Dion songs were enjoying airplay on the radio stations from back then( raypower, rhythm fm and metro fm) and that was what they listened to, together.
Whenever I hear ‘Run-away’ by Styl-plus, there is a certain picture that comes to my mind. Music brings back memories especially if you are/were with someone who shares/shared the same passsion for music as you do. We tend to associate some kind of emotions to most of the songs we sing or listen to.

Music also possesses a healing power. Most times when people go through heart break, they run to the likes of Adele, Boys II men, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Usually, they say the lyrics of such songs reach deep into their soul and helps them feel better.

Music also helps relieve us from the stress of our daily lives and takes us back to places of excitement and pleasant memories which different songs help us remember. It affects our moods and our thinking in various ways.

Earlier on this year, I met a lady who told me,‘Best thing I never had’ by Beyonce was the perfect song for her situation. Without the need for her to explain, I already had an idea of the situation. We all have tunes stuck in our heads. Some of them remind us of friends, places, events, childhood experiences and some remind us of love-lost.

Although, it is not easy to parse how music evokes memories but I’m sure y’all will agree with me, that music possesses the power to take us back to revisit our past and helps us maintain new memories. I believe music holds a key to old memories.

Lets hear you; what does music do to you? Inspire? Entertain? Heal? Revive?
Does it bring back old memories to you? Did music help heal your broken heart at any point in time? Read, share and comment.

Welcome to DECEMBER!!!
Chicken,Cake and Creamy Edibles
Don’t just decorate your house, decorate a life.
Have a great week!

This article was written by Tolulope L’queen Lemikan.
Tolu is a writer, with passion for the subject “LOVE”, she is a freelance writer on relationships for some other blogs and magazines.
Follow her on twitter: @lqueeen


I had written a couple of articles over the past week and I just felt one of them will grace the pages of my blog this week but as I thought about today, I felt the need to write something fresh.

We’ve all read and heard so much on how to give your best to make a relationship work…good stuff I must agree. However, what I want to talk about today is a tad different from that.

Human wants are insatiable and both men and women have pictures on what they want in a relationship.

In relationships, a lot of us give a 110% with the hope that we’ll receive a “good measure in return”, sometimes that never happens. Instead, you are fed back with something that “shakes” you up and to say the worst, sometimes you get “run-over” by the very person you did your best to please.

Recently, a friend told me of how his lady said she felt incomplete in their relationship,despite the fact that he had put in his all to please her. She still wasn’t happy and gradually she started drifting away giving excuses about distance and financial issues. He confessed to me that he was in love with her but it hurt to hear that his best wasn’t good enough to satisfy her.

Just like my friend, there are so many people who feel like no matter what, they are just not good enough. If after doing all the nice little things you can, you are still unable to make your partner happy then I think something is up. In my opinion there are 2 things involved;
Its either you are already in some sort of competition to win his/her heart in which the other person is already winning OR its just not meant to be, because no matter how hard you try “Akamu and Ewedu” can never go well together.
Instead of sulking and engaging in self pity,what do you do?
God has made each and every individual unique in their own way and no-one is perfect.
Do your best while you are still given the chance to, hopefully they might see it but if not…don’t blame yourself for it.

It might not be that something is wrong with you, it might just be that the relationship wasn’t even meant to be.
In such situations, its hard to accept reality but if you don’t pick yourself up when you are knocked down,you’ll definitely remain on the ground.

If its meant to be,they will realize your worth just in time but if not, you will meet the one who loves you for you, deserves your love and will appreciate the good in your goodie bag.

Let’s learn to let go and Let God.
He alone has all the answers we seek.

Have an amazing week.



I woke up one sunday morning,saw a message from my good friend and it says ”I’ve finally taken Tunji to meet my parents…we’ll talk abt d rest ltr”

I was elated,I started making mental notes on the color/theme of the wedding in my head. Let me admit,I love weddings *covers face*

Back to my friend,immediately after church service,I drove down to her place to get the main gist ”as e dey hot” but on getting there I saw my friend with a not so cheerful face for someone who just did a mini-introduction.
I didn’t bother to ask what was wrong,I just sat there and waited for her to get talking. Then she said,”my mum fell in love with Tunji immediately” then I smiled from ear to ear like a cheshire cat then I heard ”BUT,my dad was just too harsh on him”.

What are his reasons?, I asked. She said he didn’t tell me until Tunji had left. She said her Dad complained about Tunji’s background,he said Tunji comes from a broken home and children from such homes tend to follow their parents path.

I was shocked,why would a father make such a hasty generalization or conclusion?. I felt bad for my friend and then she looked at me closely and said ”Look,whether my Dad likes it or not I’ll marry Tunji”.

What are your thoughts on this? An african proverb says, what the elders see while sitting,the younger ones can’t see even if they climb a tree.

However,is it all the time that our parents are right about their judgement of other people? Are their reasons concrete enough? What would you do if this happened to you?

Please share your thoughts

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Which do you prefer?

A lot of us look for different things in a relationship…let’s look at this 2 categories 4 male n female
A guy who gets bored very easily and without apology,generous to a fault but ungiven to commitment or romantic gestures. Most likely to forget your birthday and cancels dates without apology in favour of work…makes u wonder if he’s into you at all.
A guy who notices when you are unhappy even before you say it,cares about your family and friends. Might not give you so much but gives you the little he can offer with a lot more love.Takes note of little details: hair,dress,nails and apperance. Remembers important dates in your life and tries to surprise you once in a while no matter how liitle…So Ladies which do you prefer? Gentlemen what category best describes your attitude to your woman?
A Lady who doesn’t apologize when she offends,doesn’t care about other aspects of your life like your job,family etc. Doesn’t respect you in the presence of her friends or your friends.Encourages you to spend lavishly and picks a quarrel with you when you don’t meet her monetary needs.
A Lady who cares about your well being,always makes sure you eat well,faithful and loyal,volunteers to help you even before you ask. Respects and regards your friends and family. Respects you as a man and understands when you can’t meet her needs. Encourages you to spend wisely and loves you just as you are. Gentlemen which one do you prefer? Ladies what category best describes ur attitude towards ur man?
Its only fair to treat your partner the way you would love him/her to treat you…keep the love in your heart. Y’heard??